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The future of collaboration in cities 



The future of collaboration in cities 


Tracking Progress Towards inclusive, Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements.
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We are 4 students of the LDLC school who work on the sustainable goal development number 11, sustainable cities and communities.

We started from the principle that there is not enough communication between communities and city residents. 

But also not enough collaboration between the inhabitants.


From this SDG and the problems identified, we created the panel. 

The ParadiseCity panel is a connected screen installed in the city, equipped with a camera and a microphone allowing many interactions with the panel.
Here a 360° présentation of us project.

The product is a solution for citizen sharing and collaborative exchange of information between residents and communities in the same place.

It allows the connection of the latter thanks to a free expression: sharing of problems, competences, or simply to give its opinion.

All its features are accessible via a smartphone application, allowing users to post their messages on the panel.

The panel is composed of a large screen, displaying the last messages of the inhabitants, the information posted by the communities, or to be able to see the survey in progress.


All the information collected by the panels in a city (opinions of the inhabitants, problems, etc.) will be usable and visible by the community, via an administration space made available to them.

The project

How does the panel work?


The panel has a built-in camera and a built-in microphone. The user can use the panel via an application on their smartphone to film themselves, draw, write or make a voice note. After this action is done, the user will have to choose the category of their interaction from the following: 

- What do you think of this place?

- Share something with us 

- There is a problem

- I need help 

- Would you like to do... 

- I can do... 

This note will then be saved, and will be displayed on the panel, framed by the colour of its category.

Other users will be able to see these notes by pressing on them to enlarge them (basically all the notes will be visible in a small area on the panel like a wall of expression). They will also be able to sort by category by clicking on the desired category (the list of categories will be displayed in the top left column). Finally, they can comment on the notes to answer questions or simply give their opinion on a thought.

But they can also :

- make Lives between each panel 

- Play mini games with other people 

- Take quizzes


The panel will be available in two different ways, either as a fixed panel on a city square for example, but there will also be a mobile version for people who want to organise events, or put it in front of their shop, etc... and acquire comments, opinions, create links between the inhabitants, people evolving in the perimeter of the panel

How is it made available?

The users of the panels are not the customers. 

Our first customers are local authorities or people who want to create events or put them up in front of their shops for example. They will rent a panel that we will call "central". This panel will have categories. It will also be connected to all the other panels and will receive all the notes put on the other panels. As for the mobile board, it concentrates the same technology with the only difference that it is not connected to the other boards.

The communities will rent the central panel and pay a subscription fee which includes: installation, maintenance, moderation and the setting up of a Dashboard allowing to see the content of the panels filtered by our care and allowing to publish information concerning the life of the city.

Our second customers are shopkeepers, individuals for events or companies. They will be able to rent a "mobile" in order to place it in front of their shop/event/business for a determined period of time. The mobile will have the categories mentioned above

The subscription we offer to second customers includes installation, maintenance, moderation and the production of a file containing all the panel's scores.

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All the technical documentation is availiabe in open source on this link : :

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About us

A happy team is a successful team, and we are proud to say that it is possible to combine serious performance with good humour.

It must be said that our team is formidable:


complementary, united, driven by the same ambition (the satisfaction of our customers)...

The connection with the districts we help is permanent: we create a collaborative tool to exchange but also to joke together!